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Abplanalp Sp z o.o. is one of the largest companies in Central Europe providing cutting-edge technologies of world-renowned manufacturers in the metal machining industry. We provide technological solutions that guarantee our business partners a competitive advantage. Many years of presence on different markets, cooperation with leading producers of machine tools, vast experience, a comprehensive range of products and technological support and, first and foremost, the ability to identify the customers' needs - all these features render our services unique.

Comprehensive technological support

We provide comprehensive technological support, thanks to which we can accompany you on every stage of production. We can optimize every aspect of the manufacturing process, lowering the final cost of the product.

Behind the vision of being the leader of comprehensive technological solutions in Poland lies a range of world-class products, consulting on the choice of optimal technology and the way of financing investments for the particular needs of Clients. The whole offer is complemented by trainings and maintenance services.



We provide maintenance services for all the machines we have sold, disposing of a team of 21 technicians countrywide with 13 service vans equipped with all the spare parts necessary to repair machines on site.


We provide our customers with help in the choice of technologies, tools and machines, a team of 9 engineers is responsible for the preparation of sample parts and final parts, trainings for customers' employees as well as for solving any problems that customers may encounter during production


Thanks to our experience and cooperation with the largest leasing companies we are able to ensure attractive financing for our customers. We offer help with submitting applications to the EU, simplified leasing procedures as well as temporary rental of our machines.

Technological workshops and consultations

All year round, on a regular basis, meetings are organized around the country in order to present the latest solutions, technologies and CNC machines.

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